Theresa’s course, Self-Portrait in Mixed Media, gave me a wonderful opportunity to express myself using visual art–something I had never previously had the confidence to attempt. Theresa is a talented and accomplished artist and teacher, and she provided me precisely the amount of encouragement, guidance and help I needed to create a high quality finished piece. Theresa supplied all the necessary materials and helped me incorporate some meaningful personal items into the collage. The result was a unique and satisfying self-portrait that feels more spiritually accurate to me than any photograph. The piece hangs outside my kids’ bedrooms, and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

Karen Horkitz - Student

“In a year marked by loss and grief, I feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of Theresa’s incredible artistic talents, creativity, and responsiveness as she worked with me, incorporating family photos and mementoes of my mom and family to craft a moving, uplifting memorial in her honor. Theresa had an incredible assortment of artistic supplies and resources at my disposal in her studio, and combined with her expertise with scanning, layout, and image manipulation, we were able to produce just the feel for the finished project. I felt that it was an important part of her mission to get to what my mother was like, and find peace through the creation of a beautiful legacy paper quilt, honoring my mom and adorning my home.”

Mary Chlopek - Student

“Theresa’s art quilt class was inspiring. Spending a morning with Theresa in her studio was fabulous — not only did I have a fun time, but now I have the most lovely collage that I treasure and take pleasure in showing off to friends and family. This is all thanks to Theresa’s artistic skills and her ability to help guide me through the creative process. She is gifted!”

Mary Perkins - Student